Incidents are of various types which can be assembled in a form of an incident report template, a readymade word template that will help to manage the loss, or can help prior the incident must be placed at the main reception area to cater to any incident precisely.

Mentioned reports in this post will be as follows:

  1. Incident Injury report template
  2. Police report template
  3. Progress report template
  4. Employee report template
  5. Fire incident report template

These mentioned templates will be in form of the word with a .docx extension file.

Injury Incident Report Form
Injury report template having fields of following:1- INCIDENT REPORT

incident date

incident Time

Injured person Names

Complete Address

Phone Number

Male – Female      DOB

2 – Injury Details Portion

Injury Types

Level of Loss

3 – Important Notes


Police report template
Police report Form Consist Following Fields;

1 – Basic Information

Case no


Reporting Officer

Prepared By

Description Of Incident

2 – Details Of Events

The portion where you can add briefly about the incident of theft or whatever you want to mention in it.

3 – Actions To be taken

What actions will take in accordance with the incident?


Progress report template
Progress Report Form consist of the following fields;

1 – About Project

Project Contraction

Project ID

Title of project

Stating date

Ending date

Director’s name

Name of partner

2 – About Progress Report

Title Of document

Reporting Date and period

Project Role

Employee report template
Employee Incident Form consist of following Fields




Manager name Title Position

Description of Incident

Employee Explanation


Action to be taken

1 – Verbal Warning     2 – Probation     3- Dismissal

4 – Written Warring     5 – Suspension  6- Other


Expense Report Template
Travel Expense Form consists of the following Report


Employee Name



Expenses at glance




Transportation Expense

Lodging Expenses

Purpose Of trip

Fire incident report template
Injury Incident Report Form Consist of Following

Incident Date

Incident Time

Injured Person Name


Phone Number

Male/Female     DOB

Details of Information

Who was Injured

Names of injured people

Injury types

Important Notes and Instructions


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