A project management document that describes the current status of any project for its current progress and health is called a “PROJECT STATUS REPORT“.

These reports are an important tool used to keep the project stakeholders such as clients, team members or sponsors updated related to the status or progress of the project.

The basic purpose of these reports is to allow the key stakeholders to have open as well as continuous communication and to deliver the presentations related to project progress with a greater impact. For that project progress tracking template will help your more efficiently.

Multiple project status report helps in making better future decisions and improving the planning by giving a precise and handy overview of the progress going on.

Thus, any project milestone is noted and used as a reference before making any further decisions. It informs the reader about the data collected, targets achieved as well as the sequence of events on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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Benefits of Project Status Report

A status report is very important when running a project. It is the best way to deliver the information required by stakeholders. It is a great way to document the progress of the project in terms of the risks and health of the project.

This document is a great way to respond to the stakeholders or sponsors who need regular updates about the progress of the project. The schedule of the report can either be leisurely which includes monthly reports or intense which includes daily reports. But, in most cases, weekly status reports are generated.

How to Write a Project Status Report Template?

Making a status report in excel is quite an easy task if you have all the available information. The report can easily be written by following the given steps:

Fig. 1 Project Status Report Template
Fig. 1 Project Status Report Template
  • The most important part of a project status report is the date on which it is written. First of all, write the name as well as the date of the report. Both can be merged or typed in separately and are equally important.
  • The important details about the project should then be mentioned. These include the titlestart, and end date of the project as well as the names of every person associated with the project.
  • The status of the project is then given by explaining all the accomplishments that have already been achieved. This section should be appropriately titled and everything that has been done should be listed carefully.
  • The period of the status should then be specified. This step is very important if the status reports will be made regularly.
  • Make a separate heading for the section in which a list of everything to be done in the next period of reporting will be mentioned. List all the activities and steps under this heading.
  • Mention the estimated time required for the completion of each task. Timelines of the schedules (*use weekly project scheduling template) or tasks that have already been done can be used as a reference for this.
  • Make a heading for the discussion of the problems or risks associated with the project. In this part, you can ask for assistance from the team members. This heading can consist of 1-2 short paragraphs.
  • The problems of risks associated should be very specific and if possible, the solutions to these problems should also be listed. This step is important because if the problem occurs, you can already have a solution to it.
  • Any problem which you are currently working on should also be listed in the report. This ensures the stakeholders that even if the problem arises, you are capable enough to solve it.
  • Before submitting or presenting the report, proofread it more than once. This ensures that any mistake in spelling, punctuation, or grammar will be eliminated. You can also ask another team member to proofread the report.

Weekly Status Report Template

A weekly status report includes the summary of all the tasks accomplished during the week and how these tasks led to the completion of the project or brought the project closer to completion.

This report also enables the manager to assess the performance of the team as well as the progress made. It also enables the management to identify their strength and weaknesses. Thus, it enables the team to make the needed improvements.

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Sometimes, the report can also include a summary of all the tasks and activities planned for the coming week for the team as well as the individual members.

This report does not have to be too detailed. It should just have enough information to give the management an overview of the performance of the employees.

A weekly report of activities also enables the employees to think about their contributions to the overall project progress or the progress or achievements of the team and organization.

This will make them dutiful to their organization and motivate them to overcome their shortcomings.

Multiple Project Status Report Template




Project managers are usually managing multiple projects at a time which is a tough task and making separate reports for each can be time-consuming and tiring.

Timeline management, task management, resources management, project quality management as well as milestone check are different divisions of the project that require management. All these particulars of multiple projects being run by the manager can be mentioned in a single status report.

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A single report of multiple projects saves the time and energy of the manager and helps to compile the progress of different projects in a single document.

In the above-given figure, a template for multiple project tracking is given. The report can be broken down into further different sections to elaborate on the status of the project.

The managers of the projects can either alter the template or set up their template to manage the status report of multiple projects. However, the progress can be best reported in a graphical form.

Construction Progress Report Template

Construction progress reports generally include a summary of the reports received as well as the discussions that help in construction progress meetings. They are prepared regularly by the contract administrator. This report highlights the key issues in the project.


This report can also be a rewritten version of the information presented in the construction progress meeting to make the information presentable to the client. This report helps to keep the labor, as well as the rest of the team, motivated to achieve the set targets. This report is very reliable as it gives an in-depth report of the progress of the project.

The report can be made both weekly as well as monthly. Weekly reports are most commonly used for this purpose as they can keep the members of the team aware of the deadlines and resources.

It also allows the team to overcome any hurdle faced by them and to prepare for any problem that might occur in the future. The progress is mostly recorded in percentages.

The Construction Progress Report may Include:

  • A summary of the progress made in each important area of the project.
  • Analysis of progress of the planned program.
  • An explanation of delays caused and their reasons.
  • Photos of the progress.
  • An analysis of any issues related to the quality of material used.
  • Weather reports.
  • An analysis of any health or safety issues associated with the project.

Reports of any problems with neighbors which might include noise, vibrations, safety, access, dust, rights of light, etc.


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