While providing professional services, privacy is the most concerned area of our team. To ensure that none of our clients and visitor every face any trouble regarding the misuse of their personal information, we use best mechanisms for payments, strong check system over the servers and highly optimized services for managing our blogs in which you create your accounts and log in to websites. We clearly state that except for the self-stated information which you may write in public comment or blog post, no third party intervention is entertained in any way.

Our team is bringing you the best content as per your customized requirements and doesn’t intend to keep any sort of your personal information on our servers for very long. We do not share any of your information with our service providers unless and under contracted statements which make us sure that everything is safe for you. For payment transactions, only trusted services are acquired. OfficeSpace owns Exceltemp.com, template124, excelguider.com & myexceltemplate.com, all of these websites under our visionary development have their first motive as data privacy of visitors and clients.

Here is an overview;

  • How we collect the information of our clients
  • How we use the information about their required services
  • How we manipulate their personal data to reach them later for exciting offers and updates
  • Who can access the personal information of clients
  • Our policy for privacy intact mechanism

How We Collect the Information of Our Clients?

When you make an account for comment posting, blog posting and acquiring any content services, you need to fill an initial form in which you have to fill up your basic information name, email address, and contact number etc. This is all we are concerned to have in order to process your order.

How and Where We Use Information?

The data collected on our servers is then is noted by the team members which are consistently watched over. This information is then used for our newsletter publishing and monthly updates to our clients about recent posts and exciting offers and packages that we keep introducing with time.

Who Can Assess Personal Information of Clients?

Only concerned team members can access your personal information. Our transactions and finance executives can access your credit card number and other details. Similarly, your bio-data will be accessed by newsletter publishers and templates designers in case you order any customize content or want to purchase any template from our website

Our Policy for Privacy Intact Mechanism

Except for often, we can’t even afford onetime misuse of information of our clients, therefore, we ensure the deployment of best services available in the market for payments and blog management in which we see no flaw or loophole which any third party can utilize for information leakage.

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