Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel

Overview – Project Portfolio Dashboard Templates Definition of Project Portfolio Management: An overview of what PPM is and its purpose in aligning projects with organizational strategy. Importance of PPM: Briefly discuss how PPM contributes to achieving strategic goals and efficient resource allocation. Key Components of Project Portfolio Management Project Selection and Prioritization: Explain the criteria […]

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Multiple Project Status Report Template Excel

A project management document that describes the current status of any project for its current progress and health is called a “PROJECT STATUS REPORT“. These reports are an important tool used to keep the project stakeholders such as clients, team members or sponsors updated related to the status or progress of the project. The basic purpose […]

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Components quality management plan

Project Quality Management Plan Template

What is Quality Management Plan (QMP)? Project Management is a diverse field in which quality management is an integral component. The main objective of a quality management plan is to never give up on the quality standards of the company and make the best choices that will help to get the best outcome. Quality assurance […]

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PMI Project Charter Template

Project Charter Template Excel

The project charter is an authorized document of the complete plan of the project. It allows the project managers to distribute and allocate different tasks and duties to different members of the team according to plan. A project charter template excel is a document that is made and authorized by the highest authorities of the […]

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Food Truck Cost Spreadsheet

Looking for food truck expenses or cost tracking spreadsheet? For stocktake management in a warehouse or store, you must take care of everything. In this article, the basic costs to start a food truck business and managing the monthly costs of a food truck using a food truck cost spreadsheet. Multiple stock-take businesses are using […]

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Operating Cash Flow Template Excel

Today’s Topic: “Operating Cash Flow Template“. Operating cash flow is also known as OCF. It is a measure of the cash made by a company’s business essential operations. It is not like the net income (the amount of money remaining, after all, operating expenses). Operating cash flow express whether a company is capable to make […]

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To Do List Template Excel | Daily Weekly Monthly Tracking

Today’s Topic: “To Do List Template Excel“. For daily life, whether professional or domestic, there are hundreds of tasks to do and we have to prioritize them in order to avoid any kind of conflict and confusion from routine. Since we have limited time every day and too many activities are supposed to be performed, […]

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Competitive Analysis Template

Topic: “Competitive Analysis Template“. Adhering to the recent age of competition, it is very necessary to draw the line of competitive analysis of performance and planning consistently to develop a system of accountability and check over the operations and control of working in the organization. Excel templates help big time to perform this important task […]

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Project Initiation Document

Project Initiation Document Template Excel

While working on a project if all the team members are not on the same page, this situation can prove very harmful, it can often cause confusion and chaos among the team. To avoid such incidents, all team members must be on the same page. The project initiation document ensures that everything that is needed […]

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What Is Excel Quotation Template How To Use?

What notifies the real essence and effective outcome of any business is the term section and progressive approach of the company about catering to various market sections. These presentations of the company’s plan of action and desired terms to operate are the quotations that every business holds for its deals by using excel quotation templates. […]

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