Today’s Topic: “Operating Cash Flow Template“. Operating cash flow is also known as OCF. It is a measure of the cash made by a company’s business essential operations. It is not like the net income (the amount of money remaining, after all, operating expenses). Operating cash flow express whether aContinue Reading

Topic: “Competitive Analysis Template“. Adhering to the recent age of competition, it is very necessary to draw the line of competitive analysis of performance and planning consistently to develop a system of accountability and check over the operations and control of working in the organization. Excel templates help big timeContinue Reading

Project Initiation Document

Project management is the total of project planning and then the real-time implementation of that planning. In this post, I would like to discuss how to start a project and things required for the Initiation phase of business plan. This template of excel helps you and identifies some other issues. ThisContinue Reading

What notifies the real essence and effective outcome of any business is the term section and progressive approach of the company about catering to various market sections. These presentations of the company’s plan of action and desired terms to operate are the quotations that every business holds for its dealsContinue Reading


Especially designed bill of lading are added here to assist transport companies for making an easy and simple invoice using a ready-made template. Performa invoice format for export in excel is usually utilized by business companies involved in the business of exporting commodities outside the country while this process ofContinue Reading

Are you looking for “Salary Slip Format Excel“? This post will help to solve issues of financial planning regarding maintaining employee’s salary slip. In our daily life, for our survival, we always have two major options. Either can serve someplace for the money or else we can launch a self-made projectContinue Reading

Do you want to manage your business? “Project portfolio dashboard template” is one comprehensive tool along with the best best software to manage portfolios more precisely. There are readily structure Excel dashboard templates, especially for this very purpose. Rather than outlining individual chapters and subjects of consideration, these dashboards areContinue Reading

Here we are going to explore the basic idea about the “action plan template” prepared in ms excel. So an action plan is a very basic and important tool, and it is also key to the success of any business, that requires project management. almost all the business requires theContinue Reading