Excel time sheet templates are one such example related to the case, where you can create and compose customized excel templates as per your required fields and you can easily manage excess of data comprehensively. Using this mode working obviously bring efficiency in your work when you reduce the timeContinue Reading

In the tutorial described below, we would be telling about performing multiple searches while working on excel spreadsheet using One Search Function. This function helps to limit the extended search function which further adds on multiple complications including long formulas and settings of statistical information. This tutorial is briefly composedContinue Reading

Plan of action categorizes the sole project components, using excel templates. It is based on the lineup segments which are important in major milestone achievements. Based on the priority order, this plan actually upholds all significant tasks to be done at a specific time. Being familiar with the to-do list,Continue Reading

From the top leadership of project or company to the bottom-line employees, performance checks are very important. These checks played a vital role in performance improvement in accordance with an improvement plan devised by skilled and learned project managers and analyzers. These plans have the tendency to mark out andContinue Reading


Usually at banks and other saving organizations where people approach to deliver a certain amount with receiving of deposit. There is a format based Sample Bank deposit slip that is drafted to acknowledge all the relevant information as per the requirement. This slip has no ambiguous blocks and sections of detailsContinue Reading