How to Create Excel Thematic Maps

Question; How to Create Excel Thematic Maps? There are various tools and options in Microsoft excel to represent versatile modes of information. Thematic maps are also visionary equipment for representing the demographics of any specific region, connecting the larger base with a theme and showing the information piece in easy orientation. Maps in excel are […]

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Using Templates, Project Documentation Becomes Handy

With the accredited plenty of information and important records of the business, the split and scattered business hold sometimes become a headache to manage. Using smart excel templates, project documentation becomes much handy to obtain and obvious to understand from various aspects and angles of reviewing. With the perfect classification of data and proper segmentation […]

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Benefits of Salary Slip Templates in Project Documentation

Cash flows are one major aspect of businesses or projects that keep a record of the flow of money in the circle, so is the salary slip which is the main source of recording financial dynamics, salary is one of the major expenses of business laid on every financial term. Debiting out the finance to […]

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Project Weekly Schedule Using Template

How Task Scheduling Templates Reduce Responsibility

Once over with the final draft of the template, adding all the considerable positions and portions to the final layout, it becomes customary for the project managers to open the templates, update the boxes and compute the necessary outcomes through applied formulas is required. Yet the responsibility of remembering of major or minor thing also […]

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