In the tutorial described below, we would be telling about performing multiple searches while working on excel spreadsheet using One Search Function. This function helps to limit the extended search function which further adds on multiple complications including long formulas and settings of statistical information. This tutorial is briefly composed of key factors you need to keep in mind while writing off the data on the excel sheet to sum up the values of finding particular results from any cell by giving a single line command.

What is One Search Function?

Many familiar names come on edge each day which tell about the proper command execution while using Microsoft Excel for your documentation. No matter what kind of assessment or evaluation you perform, you only need to learn the formulas and tricks which run excel along.


Once search function, as it can be seen from the name, is a search operative for Excel using which you can find substrings from an input with short hand order. The general syntax of this function is somewhat like =SEARCH (Substring, text _ string, [Start _ position]). Here substring is the desired string you want to search, text _ string is the relevant data field and start position is the first entry of searching array.

This function is majorly used when you want to identify an entry from the excel sheet will multiple search factors associated. Using it, you can find multiple items from a string.

  • This function is always case-insensitive and doesn’t differentiate between capital and small case letter.
  • When the text _ string is missing the relevant sub-string, the return value is an error.
  • Also when the start _ position holds the value less than 1 or greater than the string size, it also returns the value as error.

Implementation of Function

This function is critical and can be used during project management at major scale when you have certain different factors effecting one line in all ways. Using this and implementing this function helps you with narrow downing of search process by applying the total search case in one long formula rather than going through several steps and stages for it.

There are easy tutorial containing both videos and demonstration in written form which completely explains the parameters of implementation and circumstances where you need to apply it. Attaining any that source can help you with the practical use of this one search function.

Excel One Search Templates

There are readily available templates for specific types of projects and assessments which you can get easily. Out of the chunk of so many, there are excel one search templates which are embedded with this formula and you can use them for quick meta-management.


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