Considering obligatory, we reserve our right to inform all the visitors that the content of any domain either template, flyers or spreadsheets for any professional purpose are solely the property of our company. We also reserve our right to defend out property on any legal platform in case of duplicity, piracy or against our proposed terms and conditions.

Here we inform all our clients and visitors of websites that our team consistently keeps a check over this mater and we do not bear any leniency or casual attitude in response to our stated terms. You can have an overview of our terms of use listed below here;

  • No content can be used for commercial purpose and business motives
  • No derivative work will be allowed from out provided content
  • Do not post any harmful, disturbing or irritating content in blog posts
  • Avoid any sort of comments or reviews which intervene the personal views or entity of a third party
  • Do no post any content which is intentionally incorrect or errors containing
  • We can modify any financial plan as we deem necessary
  • Company can block the provision of services anytime in case of violation of our terms and rules

Use of Published Content

All the content available on the website is selective for general information and use. This content including any downloadable, tutorials, templates, flyers, videos or audio files are not for commercial use. Here by commercial refers to any such activity in which you are using our content for earning money of selling your products. Moreover this material is published on the basis of our self centered research and incase of any misgauged outcomes, our team will not be held responsible.

No Reposting Allowed

We restrict you from copying and reposting our content on your websites, blogs or published materials without permission and bring the matter of utility in our knowledge. If found any re-phrased or customized short sections of our content, we reserve our right to take a severe legal action and submit a DCMA notice against content piracy.

No Objectionable or Irritating Content Posting

We formally describe the standards of publishable content and no visitors and clients are allowed to post any objectionable, irritating, harmful or hazardous content to any third party. No personal commenting and agitating blog posts will be published and are strictly considered to be removed in urgency. We also reserve our right to block any such user who violates our devised terms.

Avoid Posting Incorrect Information and Content

You can available full informative facilitation from our professional services and hence you should comply with our policy of posting only right and accurate information or general content which should not contain any mistakes and errors and is also not taken from any other website or blog otherwise we shall remove entire post.

Copyrights Information

Office Space clearly states that available material on our websites is sourced from our skilled team and we have all the copyrights for templates, broacher samples, flyers and downloadable files. All our clients are restricted to post only copyright content which is their own property.

Modification in Terms

Our company also has clear instructions to modify these policies at any time and we do consider it necessary to inform our users and clients about any proposed change plan. Company can take immediate actions to justify any proposed change. 

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