Components quality management plan

What is Quality Management Plan (QMP)?

Project Management is a diverse field in which quality management is an integral component. The main objective of a quality management plan is to never give up on the quality standards of the company and make the best choices that will help to get the best outcome.

Quality assurance and quality control plans are the parts of the quality management plan. The project manager is responsible to develop a QMP along with the involvement of stakeholders and other team members.

Each company has different quality assurance measures depending upon the product or nature of the company/business. A construction project will have different quality standards than a health care setup but every business project is bound to have a QMP to measure its efficiency and progress.

What are The Main Components of a QMP?

  1. Well-defined project scope and the title are required to work on.
  2. Project details and description is required, along with the approved documents of the project.
  3. Proper quality standards as per the project’s nature.
  4. Explain why you need some quality standards and how it is going to impact the performance of the project. Even deadlines fall in the category of quality standards.
  5. The role and responsibilities of the team are determined to keep the quality parameters in strict check and balance.
  6. Deliverables of the project are mentioned and a quality review system is also developed.
  7. Quality control check steps are pre-defined to measure the quality of the final product whether it falls in the criteria or not.
Components quality management plan
Components Quality Management Plan

Purpose of Quality Management in Project Planning

Project management is a standardized way to deal with any project. And to make the project error-free or with diminished failure chances, you need to have a QMP.

The quality management plan gives a path or standards on which quality can be managed throughout the lifecycle of the project. The QMP keeps the processes, project deliverables under check as well as defines the roles and responsibilities to minimize the chances of mess or any fallout during the project.

Quality management has set different standards according to the requirement of the company. There can be different measures and processes which might require a quality control procedure to keep up with local and international quality standards of the deliverable.

What are The Key Elements of a Quality Management Plan?

Each project has its specification, that can plan right according to the idea and nature of the project. The key elements of the QMP are defined by the project manager with the involvement of stakeholders, team members, etc.

Key Elements of a Quality Management Plan
Key Elements of a Quality Management Plan

Some of the Key Elements of The Project Quality Management Plan are Hereby;

  • Company’s focus towards quality management
  • Final product and other deliverables with well-developed quality assurance standards
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • A proper QMP with the schedule to evaluate the quality of deliverables
  • Quality management plan to access the quality standards of the process

How to Write an Effective Quality Management Plan?

There are different ways of doing one thing but the common method of developing a QMP effectively will be explained;

Step 1: Plan the Development of QMP

  • First of all, identify the quality parameters through the eyes of a customer. Give customers confidence and a platform to express their quality concerns in quantitative terms.
  • With that watch out for the professional quality standards of your product.
  • Keep the legal, environmental, economic, and health standards under consideration.
  • Balance the requirements and the expectations of the customers and stakeholders.
  • Evaluate the costs and benefits according to the selected quality objectives.
  • Develop a plan having deep insight into quality assurance and control procedures.

Step 2: Execution of QMP

  • Work according to the approved quality standards set under the quality management plan.
  • Develop procedures that will help in the quality assurance processes.
  • Modify the procedures to improve the quality standards of the deliverables.

Step 3: Perform Quality Checks

  • Perform back and forth technical reviews to observe the standards.
  • Verify the standards are met.
  • To measure the performance check against the standards of project management professionals.
  • Verify the sufficiency of the quality management plan.
  • With the help of findings work on further betterment of quality and control process.

Step 4: Take Corrective Actions

  • Constant check and verification will help you measure the deficiencies and defects in the processes as well as the product
  • Also, improved paperwork or documents is done to maintain the project QMP.

Download: Corrective Action Plan

Example of Project Quality Plan Template

Quality improvement Plan can be implemented in all sorts of projects. From the food industry to software and construction project. The QMP gives the project a better direction and improved quality deliverables.

Quality Management Plan Example in Construction

A construction project has different things to look after and quality management starts as soon as the business idea comes into being.

From the designing phase, the company requires some standards to keep an eye on defects, construction material, and other expenses. To keep everything under control and check you need to define some quality standards that will help to figure out the faulty areas.

As the project progresses you need to ensure that every brick, window, wire is exactly in the right place as defined by the quality standards. If the construction company ignores the quality assurance or management plan, it has to go through minor to major defects on and off even after the final project is ready.

 PMBOK Quality Management Plan Template

PMBOK is a body of knowledge for project management. It helps to develop the highest quality deliverables at the end of the project. The 2 main standards of PMBOK are mentioned;

  • Quality: Parameter against which characteristics are to be measured
  • Grade: The specifications of the product which is produced.

The Main Processes of Project QMP as Per PMBOK

  • Plan Quality: Planning of what standards can be used to obtain the desired quality and producing a quality plan is done at this phase.
  • Manage Quality: The application of mentioned standards as per the quality management plan, on the project processes, to achieve desired quality.
  • Control Quality: The quality of deliverables is checked in this process.


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