Have you ever tried to wonder why reports are prepared for mishaps and accidents occur on the road or in the office? Various types of incident occur in business place however ignoring it can be hazardous for your business or for you. Sample reports for different purposes are available online like police reports, student reports as well as incident reports. Microsoft word is preferred to create letter report in it.

Investigations are carried out by management as well as police about certain incident. Managers are mainly indulged in this process with some other business personnel. Sample reports available online help in new users to understand them clearly.

Benefits of Incident Report Template

  • Ignoring a small issue may become a trouble later.
  • In case of any minor accident occurred in the workplace may result in higher frequency accident to happen in future.
  • If a major accident occur however luckily workforce is not affected it may not be a case if same type of incident later in company.

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[alert-success]Salience Of incident report[/alert-success]

  • A detailed analysis about incident helps in outlining factors of the accident.
  • It can be checked whether the factors are avoidable or unavoidable.
  • Identifying issue increases the probability of reaching a solution for it.
  • Preventive steps can be launched.
  • It helps in keeping and storing essential record which can be useful later.

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incident reports template

Format of Incident Report

Identifying incidents and their causes help in training the staff if same type of situation occurs again.  How to deal with trouble situations is useful to prevent major physical injuries. These reports must be created carefully in Microsoft word as it is required by legal bodies.

Person who has seen the incident must explain it and it should be mentioned in report. Location of incident, as well as date and time, is also included in the report with a brief description of the incident.

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