At any professional work place, employee attendance is established for keeping a note of punctuality and performance of employees. Using Excel attendance spreadsheet templates, you can easily keep track of attendance, absentees of employees and especially when you have to create this data of extensive employee number in your organization.

These templates are especially created for this purpose as you don’t have to go for manual listing attendance marking and then counting stats manually. Everything is already instructed and you just have to fill in the data.

In large organization, employee attendance report templates are very much helpful in collecting information about the individual performance and dedication of employees. Resultantly this database is used for performance evaluation and counting the punctuality sessions of each employee. It is highly effective for individual assessment and one can easily track down the total work record of the organization. There is a range of features in this template which let you record information in different patterns and ordered way. Resultantly you can avoid confusions and mergence of statistics.

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Format of Employee Attendance Report:

As far as the format of attendance template is concerned, there is no strict outline of content. Once can have its very own customized layout for this purpose based on the working module of organization and required parameters which are used for assessment and evaluation. Therefore format can be varying from place to place. However the core purpose of this report is to collect the annual or monthly attendance record for basic commitment and dedication to work. So we have listed a couple of prime features of this draft which must exit on the note. Take a look on the points listed below here;

  • Write down the name of organization on the main title position
  • Write a sub-heading stating the purpose of report
  • Draw a table with capacity of multiple columns
  • In the first column, list down your employees either randomly or categorically based on hierarchy or department schedule
  • Now draw columns for all working days of the week and mark the attendance of individual employees in coinciding sections
  • In addition, you can add a section of late attendance, total absent count, incentives and bonuses for punctuality
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These are few primary elements that can help you in optimizing a fine draft.

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