In professional working terms, cost quotations are very important for stating your prices and offers to clients and customers buying your product or acquiring services. A cover letter which is send alongside this quotation is detailed with the reason and factors including your pricing strategy and explains the other party about the certain prospects of establishing particular chart.

There are different catchy layouts and designs set to write this quotation cover letter with standard outlook and considerable structure which may attract your client. This entire task includes some formal and informal steps you need to keep mind while creating this document.

Structure of Quotation Cover Letter

Before understanding the structure of cover letter, it is important for you to know what this letter is composed of actually. For pertaining information you state in your quotation, you need to explain expository details to strengthen your prices and the entire quote chart.

Example 1:

Example 2:


A client acquiring your services will prefer looking deep into the reasons of various charges rather than amounts mentioned in the list. Therefore this letter starts with formal introduction of your company as prior with convincing argument which states all the details to support your content.

After this intro segment, mention typical information and reasons which cover the prospects of prices and variations as per temporary conditions.

Deployment of Letter with Quotation

Usually there is no common requirement of this letter along with quotation but at certain spots where you have to attain all the attention of your client with solid argument, you have to go a bit formal with the deployment of cover letter to provide extra details to convince him.

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