For certain professional requirements, it is sometimes important to maintain a proper phone call and message memo. This formal document contains all sorts of calls and messages made for professional dealings and services. In order to keep a tractable record, all this data place specially design call memo templates.

These templates are also capable of placing text messages along with calls and arrange them in order based upon ascending dates.

Format of Phone Memo Template

Whenever required for professional inquiries of any other purpose, with the authority of the owner, this data can be retrieving and consulted to mention the reason and outcome of relevant calls or messages. There are customizable Excel memo templates particularly used for this purpose. Once drafted for the desired reason, a record keeper or a person himself can make an entire record so elaborative using this tool.

Sample Template:

Phone Memo Template

Template Description

Year: 2020 | Month: April

From | Company

Date | Time | Phone | Message

Action | Taken By

Returned your call | Please Call Back | Will Call Again

Template Details

Template Name: (phone-memo-template)

  1. Size 51 KB
  2. Format Microsoft Word (.doc)
  3. Language English
  4. Template Type: Basic
  5. Category: Memo Template
  6. Type Template
  7. Author: Mathew John

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Short Hand Sorting with Call and Message Memo Templates

Smart solutions are always appreciable and preferable over ordinary methods of doing a task. Similarly, on a professional basis where time and precision are everything, calls and message memo templates help you in shorthand sorting of the required data.

These templates are based on Excel spreadsheets with a descriptive calendar and timeline running along with each activity and using Excel sorting function for dates or time, you can check instantly whom and what exactly you talked about. This template document is easy to use for both inquiries and memorization. Some other saliencies of these templates are listed below here;

  • Instant query and finding
  • Exact entry placing and precise sorting
  • No flaps and intermingling record
  • Sortable in many ways
  • Automated record building with sourced links

Once you define the specifically targeted section for record maintenance, you can simply find any call or message record along with the 8contact details and time of the activity.


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