Excel password protected file benefits us by multiple ways. So we can protect our worksheets from structural, and data changes in it. But if we forgot the password of the worksheet you can unlock excel lost password & can recover it, it may be troublesome for us. Therefore, we bring you an easy way to remove the password protection from the worksheets. If you are stuck with this XLS Password then please try this easy way to remove password and unlock your protection. you can do it by just installing and enabling an add-on in your PC.

How to Unlock Excel Lost Password:

There are many freeware programs to install and remove the PIN from a worksheet.

NOTE: This only works for excel 2007 and former. It can also work on 2010 excel but not on the updated one’s.

For the excel password protection is mostly on the worksheets because you want someone to see your data in sheet but cannot make structural changes and data changes in it. You can simply download the plug-in in your computer and by clicks double time you can activate the add-in. when you click two times on the add-on after downloading so, you will be shown with the question that asks you either to enable the functions with the plug-ins or not. You must enable it to move further to unlock this sheet.

Then before opening the protected worksheet to crack password you would be shown with the other two to three options under the main heading of;

TOOLS there that options would be the following:

Unprotect sheet

Unprotect workbook.


You must select to unprotect the sheet/ unprotect the workbook to Break the code word. you can also do it as first open the workbook then click two times on the add-on to work

We test it for the simple, complex, tricky, and long tail keywords to crack. It works for all and Break the passwords with not much time. The thing to note here is that it works for all types of passwords. First we test it for the simple password that is our own password and we unlock it in no time. Secondly, we also try it t=for the complex one’s that contains uppercase and lowercase letters both and similarly it works for the best in breaking this type of passwords also.

It is all because that the encryption in the excel 2010 is very weak. So that the passwords could break easily because they are not translate securely. Therefore, after downloading the add-on you’ll see the new tab named as Starxx and three sub options in it as unprotect the worksheet. Unprotect the workbook and unprotect all. Unprotect ALL option is only for the premium versions for which you must pay. And the premium version works for the excel 2012, 2013 and above. You can purchase it to have it in your PC.

There are also online Excel password recovery tools are available to recover you PIN CODES.

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