Blogs and forums are best way to participate in debates and discussions therefore here a top excel blogs list is added so that if anyone is interested in consulting 2017 these blogs can be visited for additional help. Top project management excel blogs are also listed here and list is prepared in 2017 with latest blogs to let you know about the reader’s interest this year. Top excel blogs to consult 2017 list is most helpful for professionals and business owners as they can easily select perfect excel template for their operations and getting more information about excel as well.

Well, there are usually comments and reviews added by users regarding specific post, therefore anyone interested in getting the specific product or template can have clear idea about it. there are different choices available for to do list templates in excel on different blogs, therefore selecting the one for your kid, which is colorful and most easy, can be easily done by consulting forums discussions or checking out blogs reviews for the purpose.

Top excel blogs to consult 2017

Here is a list according to me which is having simple yet most useful templates to fulfill your needs in 2017:

My excel online

The name truly describes the blog as it is one of most user friendly and informative blog. Whether you are interested in getting template for personal use or if you are interested in downloading excel for your business, you are able to found most effective solution. The blog is constantly keep updated and added up with new templates.

Excel temp

It truly deserves this place as team of the bog is dedicated in providing excellent templates to users coming to the blog looking solution in form of excel template. Ranging from personal templates, it has largest and innovative collection for business templates as well. Whether you are entrepreneur or if you are running your own departmental store, keeping records has never been so easy without availability of this blog. One of the additional benefits of this blog is really easy way to download template of your choice


If you are well aware of the excel templates, definitely this blog is for you, as it has such an exciting range for the templates, that difficulty is faced in selecting one. The templates are not only user friendly, in fact it has lot of information regarding it as well, like system requirements, price and its format. Immense amount of related articles are also available therefore you never run out of choice and you can find best one for you.

XLS template

Newbie’s who are interested in expanding their knowledge about excel must visit the blog as process guide with pictures and tutorial videos are available on the blog, which make learning not only easy in fact interesting and exciting as well.

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