Scrum burndown Chart template” is used by the project managers to graphically see the project reports. This scrum template helps you to review different projects reports graphically that how much time is left in the completion of the projects. As well as which projects are not yet started. In addition, it also helps you to view those projects that are in process and how much time is left to complete them.

It shows and works with the sheet in which you put all information that is needed and then can see the graphs either in bar charts, or line graph charts. That shows the different color bars to represent different projects. For instance, red for the not yet started projects, and green for the completed projects, and yellow for the in-process projects. It also shows the days on the horizontal bar.

Benefits of Using Scrum Burndown Chart template:

  1. Use to track the projects
  2. Convenient to use
  3. Works as a Performance indicator
  4. Record review is easy
  5. An efficient way to use for records
  6. Effectively use for multiple projects
  7. Customizable
  8. Quick review.

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How To use:

IN this burndown chart, there are simple steps to make a burndown chart for your projects:

In the chart, there are sprints on X-Axis and Story Points on Y-Axis. Sprints are representing days in which the particular task or the project is must complete. Story Points are the small kinds of the main tasks means subtasks that divide by the project management team in each sprint or day to complete as a whole with the duration.

Let’s take an example of this Burndown chart to use:

  • First of all, you should have to define the duration in which the project must complete.
  • The define duration is your total sprints. As 6 sprints in our example.
  • Secondly, define all you plan and actual working hours in each sprint.
  • That define plan working hours are your Story points. In our example, total story points are 360. And that are divide for per day as 90, 180, 270, 360.
  • Then on each day after completing your require working hours the chart will automatically prepares for the given data that tells you the report of summary of you given project.
  • Next you can choose colors for the bars that are representing the “plan”, “complete” & “in-progress” details of the projects.
  • The bars are showing the activities of a project

In addition, you can use scrum burndown chart template for the multiple projects in one excel sheet. This can help the project managers to easily and quickly review the projects.


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