Understanding the “responsibility assignment Matrix” (RACI matrix template & Itil Raci Chart), is a brief introduction about this template for the project management. That’s why it is so important for the success of any project, that contains a group of sub-projects that should accomplish on time.

In the business, small level or an organization, it is important for the stakeholders that they must understand the conductibility and responsibilities of each person, who are part of that particular project.

Where the RACI matrix template is more likely to have informal rules to keep the track and record of the responsibilities. In the bigger terms, we can say that that accountability contributes to the cross-department. That can possible by the inter-organizational collaboration. It is more important to have a more formal process to track the responsibilities of each person; to record for the better success of the specifically project or for the business as well.

Format Of RACI Matrix Template:

There are so many available tracking tools for project management. A user always want a template tool that easy to use and take less time to give more benefit.

The meaning of RACI Matrix stands for the first word is R. That ‘stands for’ the ‘responsibilities’ that means who are responsible to complete and execute the task.

Second word A that mean “accountable” for the task and that person who signs the work.

The next one is C stands for “consult” that means the one who is subject matter expert.

The next is I stands for “informed” means the people who are urged to update the progress. That is undertaken during the project is under observation at the given time.

There is a confusion between two much similar terms, “consulted” and the “informed” categories. The basic formal case is always two ways to communicate, getting the inputs on the other hand in a similar way.

Specification of RACI charts:

  • The basic term “responsible” in raci indicates that who is doing a particular task, therefore, tell each individual their specific roles.
  • Hence this helps in avoiding confusion of team members on the same job.
  • “Accountable” describes a person who has the authority to make decisions.
  • The person who is assigned in this position, therefore; to avoid conflict decision making and to make effective plans.

Here is a simple example “how to use the RACI template”, additionally that will help to understand the usefulness of the project management template. Let Prince is a developer with a feature A, that integrates with another feature developer with his feature B. the second one B develope less.

Mike is a person that is dealing or communicating maybe call project manager, and j hone is quality control. For the feature, A Prince is responsible Mike is accountable Tina. The one who advises both ends and Tina has to work with the feature project of Prince and Tina just get aware.


It’s a handy visualization project management tool, So this was all about the basic use with the example of the RACI Matrix template for the project management, hope you will like this template contact us back if want any assistance or changes in given raci matrix template.


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