As a human resource manager, you are required to tackle multiple tasks including keeping track of the newly hired employees in the company as well, therefore professionally designed recruitment tracker spreadsheet template is added here for  the purpose. This is even more helpful if you are hiring multiple persons for different designations in the company or if you are making change in the labor force. Now keep organized and managed information regarding new employees and the persons applied for this position through using excel tool.

Format of Recruitment Tracking Template:

Here are some amazing features of this excel spreadsheet making it favorite choice for human resource department of your company.

You are able to track down candidates applying for the same designation and then managing interview process.

  • Usually so many candidates apply for the same position in the company and their record and other information is mixed up.
  • Now you are able to manage job opening process as well as tackling all the candidates record in most organized form through adding all the details in the excel spreadsheet.
  • You are able to make interview process more easy and efficient as well through adding interview timing and dates when the interview is going to held in this template.

Template 1: Download in XLSX format:

Filename: Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet Template

File Size: 23 Kb

File Format: Ms Excel(xlsx)

Template Type: Advance (Free)

Download File: Link

Author Name:

It is favorite choice for both smaller and larger companies.

  • Whether you are interested in hiring single person or if you are interested in choosing multiple persons, this template can be used for all.
  • Now make your interviews and records more organized through downloading this template.

Now view all the candidates contact details and their current or previous job experience through recruitment dashboard. It does provide the information regarding last recruitment process as well, carried out in your organization. Now applicants can be contacted by human resource department, whenever required through this spreadsheet.

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