Supply chain management template excel” is useful to manage the inventories, purchasing, the management of the stocks. Supply chain management is the management of all the activities from purchasing raw materials and stocking them out till they are sold to the end customers.

This template helps you to record and keep track of all your inventories, stocks, work in process, and the purchasing records of materials. These templates offer you to manage the wide range of activities in this sheet.

You can track all records related to;


Purchased material

Material quantity

The amount you pay for a single unit

Invoice bill payments

Transaction type and much more.

Therefore you can have all the records in just one click. Supply chain managers badly need that type of template in order to get rid of paper works and also for time management. Therefore, this template helps the supply chain manager to keep track easily and save his precious time by working efficiently.

How Supply Chain Management Template Excel Helps You:

  • It helps you to work efficiently
  • Undoubtedly saves time.
  • It is very handy to use no technical knowledge is required.
  • Easy to track all records
  • Hence the efficient way to record data in the sheet.

How It Works:

There are two sections included in this Supply chain management template:

1- Transaction Records Section

2- Stock records Section:

Transaction Records Section

This section Includes the following columns it:

Transaction date

In this subsection, you must write all the details about the dates on which the different transactions are made. When you purchase or sell goods you must write the date of purchase or sale in the transaction date column.

Transaction I.D

Transaction I.D is basically the I.D given by the company or decided by the company itself that must be written here to track. It is most important for record tracking.

Supplier Name

The name of the supplier from whom you purchased the raw material. A supplier is a person from whom your business purchase the services or product also. Mention the supplier name in front of the date.


The document is also a type of I.D decided by the sender and receiver departments. So, that should be there in the document section.

Stock Code

Sometimes, departments assign, the codes to the products when selling. So the codes of the particular selling product must write in this column to have a record sometimes.


The transaction column includes the amount or sometimes quantity of the transacted product.

Invoice Amount

The invoice is the total billing amount that you owe to the seller party. So invoice payment amount mentioned here so have a record of details.

Stock Records Section

Stock records include all the details about the purchased stock that have in the stock of the company. The stock section includes all details that are the following:

The description includes all the details information about the product or service you purchase from the supplier. Add the name of the raw material in this section.

Stock description:

  1. UOM: it is the measurement of the quantity of that material of products.
  2. Quantity in hand price: the quantity which we purchase, its total purchase price mention here.
  3. Quantity in hand: how much quantity currently they have.
  4. Average cost Price: Mention the average cost in this section.
  5. Transaction value: The total value of the transaction, must write in this column.
  6. Purchase price
  7. Price variance will automatically calculate by this sheet.
  8. Movement date: The date of dispatch to the customer must include.

Order & Delivery Tracking Template

So all things considered, this Supply chain management template excel must help you to organize your information in such a practical, handy, and efficient way.

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