Today’s Topic: “Operating Cash Flow Template“. Operating cash flow is also known as OCF. It is a measure of the cash made by a company’s business essential operations. It is not like the net income (the amount of money remaining, after all, operating expenses). Operating cash flow express whether aContinue Reading

Topic: “Competitive Analysis Template“. Adhering to the recent age of competition, it is very necessary to draw the line of competitive analysis of performance and planning consistently to develop a system of accountability and check over the operations and control of working in the organization. Excel templates help big timeContinue Reading

Project Initiation Document

Project management is the total of project planning and then the real-time implementation of that planning. In this post, I would like to discuss how to start a project and things required for the Initiation phase of business plan. This template of excel helps you and identifies some other issues. ThisContinue Reading

prince2 projct planning

Over the gross period of time, many changes have come in worldwide organizational behavior and work styles have been changed entirely. Prince2 project planning is now being considered as the basic ingredient of management which is one of the most project friendly templates because organizations now believe in smooth andContinue Reading

It is one of the prime principles in a project that least burden tasks are kept to initiate the project and agile initiation templates hold a complete physiological impact at the back end when the successive achievements of short term accomplishments boost the morale and confidence of working teams. Moreover,Continue Reading

Some great disasters in the world set the whole human dynamics to an entirely new and different orientation WordPress project management plugin is one of them which makes it easier to manage online projects with just a single click tool. There was no concept of worldwide web system and contemporarilyContinue Reading