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Today’s topic: “Work Breakdown Structure Template “. Work breakdown structure is basically the filing and decomposing of major tasks and sections on which project management is based, these templates mainly designed in Microsoft Excel.

It is the most comprehensive form of tasks and easily performable forms of every work which ultimately comprises the main project.

In the beginning, life was simple, circumstances were fairly easy and opportunities were way more than the targets in the markets.

Humans started it all by barter trade, and gradually it all turned into the high class, more self-esteemed, dominated and hyper-active culture of corporate sectioning and corporate business, which no doubt took around two millenniums but now finally it’s time to go genius.

Those who are not changing by time and are sticky to the previous cultures are already said to stop.

How to Create a Work Breakdown Structure Template in Excel?

Now when the entirely new corporate culture and organizational behavior is defined for successful working and project accomplishment, no one can assure a comprehensive target achievement without making sure that he follows the principals and rules of today.

Taking it all more closely, the first thing today’s business environment emphasizes and which the latest organizational behavior teaches is the adequate disintegration of a whole packed project into several steps and stages which firstly appears glowing on the mind as many small and easy tasks. The second mind-enhancing effect it puts is the useful utilization of these tasks by the fairly eligible and most competitive person, as each person in the organization can be devised with the most suitable part of the project.

This cracking of projects into several compiling tasks is known as a work breakdown structure. If we start analyzing the organizational behavior, it has been consistently varying by the time, as humans kept enhancing their lifestyle, new orders were set, new requirements by the time and an entirely new and different culture to work, to operate and to survive were also necessary.

How to Apply WBS?

Compositor sectioning in project scheduling and planning is basically the practical and applicable form of work breakdown structure templates which defines certain supportive rules and strategies for the project management team and all the employees working under the supervision of project manager, carrying the best-fit part, with most right time to perform any task and see the sectional and small check outcomes of these tasks in the project.

Format of Work Breakdown Structure Template

  1. Start with the description of the main target and set goals to achieve it
  2. State the purpose of adapting the devised strategy and a statement of clarification to your team
  3. Then list down all the segments of work and total time available to complete them
  4. Using analytical approaches, define suitable work rations and breakdown the work into smaller segments
  5. Using assessment techniques, draw a schedule of working which can maintain a systematic order of work
  6. Outline the roles and responsibilities of each team member or team collectively
  7. Using a real-time schedule, distribute most acquainting work ratios on each duration

Download free WBS Templates

Template 1:

Filename: “wbs”
File Size: 106 Kb
File Format: Ms Excel(xlsx)
Template Type: Basic (Free)
Download File: Comment Below to get free template *Mention Valid Email
Author Name: John Mathew

Template 2:

Filename: “WBS-TEMPLATE”
File Size: 153 Kb
File Format: Ms Excel(xlsx)
Template Type: Basic (Free)
Download File: Comment Below to get free template *Mention Valid Email
Author Name: John Mathew

All first needed by the project manager is the information about the whole project, the available resources and manpower, and the time span for successful project accomplishment.

The second setup towards applying a useful work break structure strategy to your project is by analyzing the various forms of project disintegration and then selecting the best one by approaching the available resources and man force for this.

This all ultimately makes it easier in project management to efficiently evaluate the small sections and monitor them instantly using these templates. They can evaluate the performance and progress as the checklists are small in this case.


  1. Brian Haessly

    I would like for you to send me the WBS template for excel please. I would like to implement this in managing multiple projects for multiple different locations

  2. Tiago Braga

    Looks great

    Could I get the Filename: “WBS-TEMPLATE”
    File Size: 153 Kb
    File Format: Ms Excel(xlsx)

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