Today’s topic “stock portfolio tracker“. The stock of anything if its finished product or the raw material is hanged money for the company. So, it costs a lot of cost to the company due to no cash flow. Further, many industries need to keep a certain stock of raw material due to several reasons.

Also, if the company is following the leading and push-type production strategy. It has to maintain a certain level of finished product stock in inventory for all the types. Thus, a stock portfolio tracker helps the companies to keep a proper check on the inventory level of raw material, in-progress stock, and finished product stock in the inventory.

Format of Stock Tracking Excel Template

In case, the stock start building up further from the defined maximum level. The company must take immediate steps accordingly to the company stock management policy.

Stock tracking Spreadsheet

Similarly, the drop in raw material stock level from the optimum quantity is also dangerous for company production. Any shortage in raw material stock may halt the production operations and the company will incur huge downtime costs.

Equipment Inventory

The following types of stocks are already mentioned above.

  1. Raw Material Stock
  2. In-Process Stock
  3. Finished Goods Stock

There are several stock management solutions available in the market. Few are the software to manage every aspect of the company’s stock management. However, it is preferred to use free, editable, easy to use, and customizable stock portfolio tracker.

  1. Stock Portfolio Tracker
  2. Stock Management Spreadsheet
  3. Stock Investment Performance Tracker

Warehouse Inventory Control

The company stock portfolio takes every type of company’s assets in the calculation. It includes raw material stock, mutual funds, bonds, and finished goods stocks.

It is somehow similar to company investment trackers. But it also includes investment in the form of value addition. Thus, it has greater importance over any other stock tracking spreadsheet for any company.

Few stock management spreadsheets analyze the stock value and market value of the assets. Thus, the company may decide to sell their raw material stock instead of consuming it based on the analysis.

Investment Tracking Spreadsheet Excel

All the types of Investment Tracking Spreadsheet have significance in the management of the company’s stock. However, few sheets are relatively more important than others such as stock performance trackers.

This Investment Tracking Spreadsheet presents an analysis that compares the market value of the stock with the purchase value. Thus, the positive resultant value shows the gain in the stock performance. However, a negative value isn’t in the advantage of the company.


Elements of Stock Portfolio Tracker

What components to include in-stock tracking spreadsheet is directly related to the type of products and stocks the company considers vital for tracking.

  • Stock Name and Details
  • Unit of Measurement and Quantity
  • Purchase Prices of the Unit Stock
  • Any trade fees, commercial charges, and miscellaneous costs
  • Stock Total Cost
  • Current Cost
  • The market value of Stock
  • Total Gain / Loss and Percentage of Gain / Loss

The stock portfolio tracker can be created using google sheets. So, it will be available on the google cloud base. Thus, it can be accessed to update from anywhere using the internet.


  1. KP

    How to get template for Excel? Looking for Stock realized gain / loss template.
    One in example will also work, I can modify for my needs.


  2. Syed Ahmad

    Dear John,
    I want to see my stock’s current prices as market changes. Any ideas how do I do that?
    I have made excel sheet with all my stocks listed, now I want to see them live as they appear in the stock market. Please assist. Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Syed Ahmad

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