Uncertainty in the work processes adopted for a particular project result in wastage of precious resources and time. To drastically improve performance of project team is desire of each project manager. However to increase and improve efficiency in work processes project management software’s are used by most project managers. ContriberContinue Reading

Proper documentation in business is important as it helps in maintaining accounts without any error as well as helps in making profit for business. Proper availability of documents at right time helps in making more productive decisions for business. Documents involving transactions like invoices, deposit or withdrawal slips and leasesContinue Reading

Microsoft excel is in excellent choice due to its simple but useful functions. It is preferred for personal use as well as professional use. It also offers various templates designed for different purposes and different people. Influential functions One of the most basic calculation functions is sum. It adds upContinue Reading

Different android applications are therefore available for teachers to make them more effective in the class. Teacher advance training also involves instructions and strategies which make them better in the classroom. The top android application is however different for teachers as their choice. Have you ever noticed kids try toContinue Reading

Microsoft recently has surprisingly shocked the cooperate sector about launching one of its newest and unique tool that is “azure data lake”. Microsoft with its many useful features already has been a choice of most business however with this rare tool it has already captured attention of cooperate sector. SurprisingContinue Reading

Mostly businesses and industries trust Microsoft for keeping record and for making specific templates. New and updated version of Microsoft is released which is exciting for businesses as new Microsoft office excel has much more to offer. New improved features in Microsoft office excel 2016: It is more users friendly.Continue Reading

With the approaching year to come closer, Microsoft has big plans for Macbook users. As from the previous release, Office 2013 was a big hit with a bundle of comprizing features that totally astonished users with its compatibility to any mode of modern documentation. Yet there is another big storyContinue Reading

In recent days, there is tough competition in blogging industry over past few years. Every blogger is trying to compete in market on best of his excellence and saliencies. Excel users particular look for advance and updated Excel templates all the time. Especially companies and corporate offices are too muchContinue Reading

One of the best and salient most features of agile framework of management is Scrum project WBS. This WBS stands for work breakdown structure which is a smaller integrated formation of work based on easy duration and sections of tasks. There are various WBS Excel templates especially created and usedContinue Reading