Microsoft excel is in excellent choice due to its simple but useful functions. It is preferred for personal use as well as professional use. It also offers various templates designed for different purposes and different people.

Influential functions

  • One of the most basic calculation functions is sum. It adds up amounts in different cells by simply adding sum formula.
  • Minimum value as well as largest value in column and rows can be determined which allows more efficient use of time.
  • Average can also be performed in excel therefore a mathematics project can be prepared in it.
  • Cells use by a person can be counted by count function. Characters in a cell can also be calculated through Len feature.
  • Copying and pasting is required during assignments. It can also be use on excel using its trim feature.

It is therefore useful for both small and large scale businesses when preparing a budget and plan for specific project or preparing a annual budget. It is beneficial tool for saving time of management which can be used on another task. Project and assignments can be made more effortlessly due to its powerful functions and flexibility.

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