Proper documentation in business is important as it helps in maintaining accounts without any error as well as helps in making profit for business. Proper availability of documents at right time helps in making more productive decisions for business. Documents involving transactions like invoices, deposit or withdrawal slips and leases agreements are important to show transactions made by business recently.

Features of office insider

Microsoft Office insider is launched by Microsoft to help businesses by offering storing of documents. it can be used on tablets and PC therefore it is always held with a person wherever he goes. It is also available online therefore its access is not limited to any place. Project managers as well as people on other designations involved in decision making can use these documents even at home.

It is available by paying little amount. Microsoft itself added new and useful features for users. It is however useful if a user have access to fast internet connection but in places of less signals and areas where network coverage is low it is not effective and cannot be used.

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