Excel is considering as the most popular choice among young ones whether they are in high school or in the university working on rudimentary assignments. It offers features idealized and favored by everyone especially professionals who have adopted it for multiple uses. Other project management charts and diagrams are also usually built in Microsoft excel using it as template.

Stock taking process, preparing financial reports, analyzing business performance all of these complicated processes are made easier by using Microsoft excel. Project management is usually a difficult task however Microsoft excels is considered functional to deal effectively with this process.

Uses of Microsoft excel
Remarkable uses and features of Microsoft excel has made it an amazing choice of most business empires. Ranging from organization function it comes across close examination of data, considering reports, monitoring employees performance, showing key performance indicators of business and allowing games like XCOM to be played in excel made it a suitable for everyone.

Superb graphics
Creativity ideas can be enhanced once a platform is provided to artist. Excel can now be used to draw an imaginative image due to animated graphics of excel. Image can be created in excel sheet and can be extend or bleed if required. Trimming effectively without causing any difference to the main image is helpful for artists and project managers at the same time.

Mathematical help
Making calculation and determining exact figures is always confusing job for managers especially when it involves any confusing figure. Calculation formulas used in excel are mainly summing up, subtraction, percentage and average however coming up with exact figures when calculating circumference of circle is difficult which has become a easy job due to excel.

Tremendous ideas
Computing reports when it involves enormous data is difficult. Analyzing information to make proper assessment of the latest happening in the company to make dynamic decisions is made efficient with excel as it allows different graphical charts and diagrams to show massive amount of data in a relevant form for users.

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