With the approaching year to come closer, Microsoft has big plans for Macbook users. As from the previous release, Office 2013 was a big hit with a bundle of comprizing features that totally astonished users with its compatibility to any mode of modern documentation. Yet there is another big story to be broken. Microsoft has tentative plans to release Office 2016 for Macbook users very soon.

This will have huge impact on Mac users as since Office 2011, there was no official release from Microsoft for iOS X. Now this updated version of Office 2016 which was on beta testing mode since March this year, is now officially launched with wide range of excelling features, totally new versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint and are especially focused for cloud integration and collaboration with online services.

Interface Redesigned

These latest versions have come up with redesigned Retina optimized interfaces that are structured in Yesomite-style retina imaging and full screen support. These new Office apps are now more compatible to different features which were there on Windows version but not available in Mac previously.

It now has ribbon recognition for tools and features, a tool panel separately, improved graphics, multi-touch display and strong integration with cloud service that makes your files available across multiple devices. More suprizingly, it now has a tab for quick layout building, fonts and style management and multiple other things that help you quickly set the outlook of document.

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