Especially designed bill of lading are added here to assist transport companies for making an easy and simple invoice using a ready-made template.

Performa invoice format for export in excel is usually utilized by business companies involved in the business of exporting commodities outside the country while this process of export or import is carried out, various agents and companies are involved in the process, therefore assigning role of each company in transporting matters and it must be mentioned in the format of goods transport bill template sample.

Effective recording of goods and commodities save companies from legal troubles as well as make their record-keeping process smooth.

Designing these documents was complicated in the past, when missing out any field requires the proper sheet to be maintained again, however, the availability of freight bill online these days has to bring flexibility and ease for the companies.

If your business is involved in international sending and receiving of goods, you are required to choose a transport medium and documents related to it, which show the respective details of the shipment container.

These transport bill templates are cost-effective option themselves as they can be viewed and downloaded free of cost and they prevent the extra expense of your business as well, as in case of any container or transport being restricted due to unavailability of proper information, these documents can be shown to the security involved.

Format of Bill of Lading Template Sample and Features

overviewing these bill templates give you a quick and instant snapshot regarding what has been transported as well as the value of the transported goods.

Sample Template:


These sheets are accessible to every delivering providing organization. Some of the additional features of these bills are added here to help you realize why these are actually required.

  1. Overall cost: while charging a final billing amount to their clients, Transport Company may realize the orders are bigger or the customer is new to them, therefore some discount must be given to ensure, he may become your regular customer; however before offering this overall cost must be calculated.
  2. A calculation without mistakes: as each individual column is used in the table for each field calculation without any error is possible. Information about the quantity and therefore its calculation for the number of units give subtotal for the specific item. This column can be added up to calculate the subtotal amount.
  3. Calculating total cost easily: once the subtotal amount is available adding tax amount is easy and the rate of tax can be added as well. Once these are added in the subtotal amount add insurance charges and contractor charges as well if they are involved in the process.
  4. Terms and comments: once the total amount is calculated, the basic objective of your sheet is accomplished; however a proper box must be added with heading terms and comments. This is used for additional information about the shipment.

Pros of Goods Transport Bill Template

Accounting decisions of your company are based on the availability of financial information available to your accountant, therefore he is able to realize if your company can bear the charges from the same transportation company and whether the medium selected is suitable and affordable or not.

Shipment activity, as well as the location of specific shipment tracking, is easy and possible through this bill if properly maintained by the respected company, therefore losing your containers and consignments is avoided if this transport bill template is utilized by the company.

Carrying Out International Trade Easily Through Transport Bill Template Format

If your company has started international trading or it is the first shipment, delivering it successfully on time is an important consideration;

therefore you must go for the company which is actually carrying out its operations through this bill template holding the information for the sending place and destination place as well. If less time is available usually air transport and therefore the bill of lading is preferred.

Goods Transport Bill Template Format Tricks and Ideas

Reduce the possibility of error by asking cost cards and timesheets from the transportation companies before selecting one.

Look for the customer’s feedback and if you are able to see enough satisfying remarks only then take services from the respected company through transport bill template format.

Use different charges and columns for various types of transport medium before sending them to your clients.


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