Have you ever wondered why a receipt is always given to customer when any transaction is made anywhere? Hospitals are healthcare institutions visited by many people in the day who need any sort of medical health as well as to visit their loved ones. The bills charged to patients in hospital are prepared in Microsoft word with specific format.

Bills are specifically mentioned on slips in form of receipts given to customers even when they visit a clinic. It is a practice of every business to create receipts for customers and hand over them after a transaction ranging from a departmental store to hospital.

Importance of Hospital Bill Template

  • Some business involve product selling like departmental stores while other included in category of providing service to people like teaching institutions.
  • However a hospital is a sort of place which charge patients both for providing service as well as products in form of medicines and medical utensils like syringes.
  • It is important to properly record the medical treatments given to a specific patient as providing him record in the end.

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  • Most private hospitals are pretty expensive and patients may want to know why they are charged such a big amount.
  • These bills clearly show the treatment as well as medicines fee separately to clear out queries in the mind of patient.
  • In case of any severe problem occurring due to any specific treatment from a hospital this bill act as a proof.

Format of Microsoft Word Template for Hospital Bill

This template is prepared much carefully as hospitals are directly involving in dealing with lives of people. A basic template prepared in word for this purpose clearly shows hospital name on the top.

Hospital details are then mentioned like the address of the hospital as well as contact information. Invoice detail is then added in a table like description of the treatment availed by patient as well as fee charged for it.

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