Ever wondered that a simple statistical database management and documentation tool can change your whole life and the world around you? You ever noticed the penetration of MS Excel into your life which has become an integral part of most of your daily life activities.

Let us tell you five amazing ways this computer tool can affect and change your life. Before starting with these ways, we must tell that advance versions of this tool are capable of performing several other functions which apparently doesn’t seems to be from the similar domain.  Take a look on these brilliant and magnificent ways;

  • Try Artwork

Just by making a little hard effort, you can manipulate statistical values to create beautiful artistic master pieces. There are easy to understand tutorials available online which help you knowing how you can place certain values in devised tables and charts and apply functions of Excel to limit color exhibition. Then you can fill these boxes with desired colors. Say bye to paint.

  • List Down Enemies

In this case, you can count on the example of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton who used MS Excel for listing down their friends and enemies in their real life. Apparently seems funny but yet, you can distinguish between these two by using certain formulas and manipulate some mathematical results. Although materialistic approach but quite useful.

  • Save Money

If you can’t afford a highly paid accountant to handle your business books, don’t worry. You can plant a complete integrated system for saving your money which is totally based on intelligent Excel spreadsheets embedded with relevant formulas. For all kinds of purposes, you can find free templates.

  • Find Your Love

No need to search for dating sites. An American lady produced this example. Similarly you can also collect the data of several guys and place it in readily suggested categories of attributes and habits. Upon the similarities, the best match can be sorted out.

  • Make Safe

If you believe in numbers, everything is set alright for you. You don’t have to be curious about the imposition of true or precisely measured results. Using Excel, you can simple make everything safe with your desired custom manipulation style.

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