14There are various free and customizable sample acknowledgement Acceptance of order form which can be consulted or referred for writing your own personal document. Order acknowledgment acceptance is formal letter or document written to the customer, mentioning the receiving of their due order and confirming that their request is being accepted.

This document might also include any query from the services provider, regarding form of service or relevant information about the product module.

Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Order

When working on large scale, it is always very beneficial to adapt automated templates which are pre-designed and fixed with their format, providing comfortable and handy note to write excessive number of documents.

Using Word templates for the purpose mentioned above can save much of your time and potential to write off an acknowledgment letter every time an ensuring your customer that you have attained their order and letting them know about the prospected dates of dispatch.

Format of Order Acknowledgment

There are no fixed or consistent layout devised for the format of order acknowledgement yet anyone can have his own customize layout. But the basic purpose of creating this document is to let your consumer know the right and required information regarding his order.

This document contains the date of receiving, acceptance of order, placement of order in production facility and complete production plan from manufacturing to packing and shipment. Pity details might vary according to scenario but the basic and generic formation of the document is same all most in each case. Here are a couple of basic factors regarding its format;

  • Write the name of your company on the main title position
  • Write the name of client, his company, and relevant order number
  • Write the registration number, date of order placement and type of order
  • Create a detailed section containing all relevant details of order, list down quantity, grade and mold of product being ordered
  • Also right complete plan of production and devised schedule of shipment
  • Additionally mention relevant terms and conditions of business

These are few important and basic elements that you need to add into this draft.

Sample Order Acknowledgement:

As we have told above, it is very common to write customers about the entertainment of order placement through online or post sources, therefore informing them about the availability of product or services and provision time is very important. You can find hundreds of free and different sample order acknowledgement templates which you can customize or consult to make one of your own. Using these templates, you just need to enter certain identity details of the customers, their specified product requirements and inquiries regarding any side offers or services.

These templates not only save your time but also keep your format consistent and handy. Every time you open the templates file, you need to alter certain data on it and the new document for the customer is ready in minutes.

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