The meeting room availability has fundamental effect on performance of workers therefore on financial health of the organization. Therefore this process of arranging spacious room for this purpose is given importance. Scheduling template excel is very helpful tool as it consists of all the information relating to meeting and a room can be arranged based on this information.

Imagine yourself as a manager who want to discuss issues faced by your team members therefore you want to arrange a meeting between upper management including you and your team however there is unavailability of any place for this purpose. to make communication process more better often meetings and conferences are arranged in a office.

Meeting room scheduling template

excel calendar for conference room

Meeting room scheduling template

Purpose of meeting room scheduling

  • Managing rooms available in a office place is a key of successful business.
  • It helps in lowering the cost as empty rooms are a waste of company.
  • Electricity is still consumed in empty rooms as well as rent is also paid for empty rooms.
  • In case of non effective management like a room offering place for ten people is utilized with 5 five people there is a waste of space.
  • When working on meeting room scheduling room utilization is main requirement. Room booking mean a person has found a place for conference.
  • Budgeted cost the cost decided for booking a room for meeting.
  • After the room is decided it is monitored whether is spacious for team members need to be in meeting or not.
  • Time of year on which meeting is planned must be assessed whether it’s the peak period or free period.

Some problems are faced in case on non-scheduling of room as double booking or availability of room. A person has decided itself that meeting process can take place in specific room which is may be booked by another department. It results in wastage of time of employees as well as reduced output due to issues faced by team member. Occurrence of these issues results in effective work and usage of time less preciously.

Minutes Of Meeting

Key Points for Minutes of Meeting

Microsoft excel template for meeting room scheduling

Some businesses work on manual system of room booking techniques like they don’t use electronic media for this purpose they still use traditional methods like paper based work. However due to its lot of ease most companies has adopted different software’s available online and most of them prefer Microsoft excel template in this regard.

A basic template for this purpose shows specifications of meetings like number of people scheduled to be included in meeting, the purpose of meeting as well as the day and time of meeting. In case of any other content more columns and rows can be added to integrate all this information.

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Benefits of Microsoft excel template

Efficiency of work processes can be ensured. It prevents double booking of room therefore any disturbance can be prevented. Issues which are schedules to be discussed in meeting can be outlined as well as the priorities and the manner in which they are needed to be discussed. This helps in preventing any issue to be remain unnoticed. This helps in reporting and sends any updated schedule to all members of meeting through server or emails.

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