ITIL Raci Matrix

“RACI matrix templates” prepare by using different tools are accessible. For the business owners similarly some other templates e.g., specifically; ITIL Raci Matrix. “Gantt – pert charts” and “action plan templates” are also helpful for business owners. While viewing the current issues by employees and team members of the project is helpful in outlining solution for them which prevent disturbance of the operations. Link to other production departments in the company. Forecasting the future problems are easy as well as finding solution is easy before actually they are incur.

A template which is helpful in providing names of person who are responsible. Therefore answerable for specific operations is good as people actually responsible responsible, likewise people who are not responsible for it are not penalize also increasing employee’s sincerity with the working place.

ITIL Raci Matrix is a procedure to get desires success of any project includes various steps and predefined model on which by clicking on the defined process will take you to the back end optimized diagram of the process with its relevant portions of working. RACI Iti model has composite functions to operate at an organization, where a suggested group of people holds these authorities; these describe as follow;


This segment covers the participation of all those who are responsible for the task completion and monitor processes at the project


Includes all those who are accountable for the assessment and planning along with the execution of task.


In this phase all those involves, who are consult and communicate bi-directionally to pass on the consistent development.


It includes those who are up to date about the recent developments and coming outputs from any process.

Format of Itil RACI matrix template:

  • Human resources: the input of effort of different people in the specific job can determine as list in this specific column of the RACI matrix.
  • Project manager: the targets set and assign by him help in determine persons responsible maybe accountable for the certain actions.
  • Marketing manager: it is listed that whether he is responsible. Answerable. Consulted or informed.

Stakeholders: they are usually people in the company who are “informed” of the decisions and current stage of project.

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ITIL Raci Matrix

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Excel Templates Assist in Complicated Work

Instead of rationalization all the hundreds of processes and their vary positioning. Current standing in the project and taking a manual review to all these developments. Hence my suggestion, to utilize handy excel templates which intern rewards much benefits of smart working.

You can get hundreds of different RACI Excel templates. From completely open source, similarly from internet as well as here at and then you can customize them with your personal information at work. Finally the template you are going to download here is free and customizable according to your requirements.

Acquire Smart RACI Excel Templates

In case you dont know how to shuffle up things and setting them in the right order with respect to RACI Model, you can acquire smartly enable excel templates for this purpose.

Project RACI matrix example

Furthermore To effectively deal with different projects in the company’s project managers are chosen. They set challenging targets for the staff members, meanwhile by making some people responsible and answerable for certain actions. If any of the task is not complete under specific time or budget they are answerable for it.

RACI matrix PPT

In conclusion, to approve initial budget of the project RACI matrix is being prepared using PPT tool. Approve un-budget costs therefore the project and project sponsor can determine by using this matrix template. Other RACI matrix tools are also mention here.


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