Working on MS Excel worksheet requires continual saving of file format to your computer memory. In case the laptop shuts down or the computer get jerk, you may lose every important compilation that you have already created on it.  Still on, it happens sometimes when you accidentally delete a file or after deleting you may realize it wasn’t the right one.

Now in order to understand the comprehensive method to restore deleted files, you need to carefully read and follow the steps the below;

  • Before anything complicated, try a simple way by opening Excel sheet if it offers Document recovery set by your personalize settings
  • In other case, go to recycle bin and check if you haven’t completely deleted the file. Get it restored from there
  • If not available in bin, open the exact folder where deleted file was saved. Right click the folder pane and select ‘’restore previous version’’
  • It will gather the deleted copies, files, folders and anything that belongs to the folder, from restore points of computer and windows backup, conditionally if you are using it
  • Restore the previous version entry and re-achieve the deleted file

It really feels troublesome at that very moment. The description below here contains some easy and handy techniques in order to avoid a permanent lose. As soon as you come across any such incident where you have accidently deleted any unwanted Excel file, you can get that restored. These typical techniques are really functional and work well with ordinary data management.

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