If you are providing cab services, taxi invoice is one of the most important bill slip that you need with every passenger. Using Excel invoice templates, you can create multiple copies of raw invoices which you can later fill in with particular details. These templates are so helpful and drafting a usable format of the auto invoice which includes all formal and informal structural obligations. Once you are handsome with these templates, you can easily customize them and make relevant changes.

Usually individuals might not need formal bill slips however for a company providing cab services on large scale; taxi invoice templates are very helpful. With the use of such templates, concerned supervisors can print hundreds of drafts each day and give them to drivers.

As soon as a passenger approaches and the drives drop him to the destination, he can hand over a formal bill the details of travelled distance, rate per unit distance and the total bill. It gives a recorded bill to customer and a proof of payment to the driver.

Format of Taxi Invoice Template:

There are not much complications included in the format of a taxi invoice. Its basic purpose is to record the details of distance travelled, starting point and destination of passengers and total number of passengers. Besides it has a portion representing rate of travelling per unit distance KM, miles or anything. As soon as the passenger reaches his destination, the driver calculates the total bill and writes on the invoice, stamping and signing it after receiving payment. Here we have listed a couple of points regarding the general format of this draft. Take a look on them;

  • Write down the name of your cab service on the main title position
  • Write down the name of passenger, additionally a passenger number
  • Write down the starting point, destination of the passenger and purpose of travel if required
  • Write down the rate of travel per unit distance in the bill section
  • Make a section of total bill and write total amount that counts as accumulative bill
  • Lastly make a section of signature of receiver to ensure that the amount is paid and invoice is authentic

These are some useful points regarding the very basic format.

Excel Invoice Templates

Instead of writing hundreds of invoices yourself and drafting them by hand is not a suitable approach. You must go for a smarter option that is Excel invoice templates. These templates readily designed in such a way that you simply need to fill in them and take out the print. There is a variety of formatting and layout building features.

Also you can save time by using the same draft again and again, instead of creating from scratch. Whenever required, you can personalize them too.

Get Best Taxi Invoice Excel Templates

You can find plenty of free sample templates online which you can customize according to your needs. In case you don’t find a best match, you can get your personalized taxi invoice Excel templates from professional and expert template designers.

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