As a stunning layout holding twitter client, Talon for Twitter is one such amazing application especially designed in android version. This application helps you to quickly and fully immerse into your twitter account with the handiest and frequently used features on a finger tip layout. If you are bored with opening twitter for android application every time, get this amazing application for your phone.

Talon for Twitter totally changes your mode of interaction with your twitter account, bring up a plenty of features which can let you simulate your profile easily with one tap additives. It syncs all the information from your twitter account keeping everything into privacy and helps you sustaining different features easily.

Talon for Twitter Adds Up Much

Not only that you can tweet directly from Talon for Twitter, but also there are an enormous number of features which you can enjoy downloading this application. A list of some comprehensive additions to this smart application is given below;

  • Smart and catchy layouts with updates on going
  • More interactive theme than regular twitter application
  • Simplified UI to make twitter usage convenient for you
  • Live streaming support from your account
  • It supports two twitter accounts at a time
  • Brings your timeline to a side panel with direct messages, mentions, followers, pictures and much more
  • You can update your profile picture and banner location using this smart built
  • You can easily follow, tweet and block desired users
  • You can also mention your location with your tweets with customize privacy

Though such smart application are free but having a review and personal experience will never let you down on spending the amount to purchase this application. This app is worth spending in order to compromise with such complications while tweeting. With file size up to 6 MB and android 4.0 and later versions, this application works well.

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