Imagine yourself as a manager in the company which is required to buy two different sort of raw material items therefore you need to make a decision from whom you should buy these items. Supplier companies are those companies who provide specific raw material items to your company which are essential to complete a production cycle. Template is prepared in the companies to show list of suppliers available.

Some companies desire to buy material from a new supplier as they are not satisfied with cost or quality offered by existing supplier. However choosing a new supplier must be done if company is does not want to work with existing supplier.

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Vendor contact list

How to Use Effective Supplier from List

  • Some factors must be given consideration while making a complicated decision of choosing a supplier for your business.
  • Quality is one of the most important aspects while choosing a supplier.
  • A raw material with below average quality directly affects quality of final product.
  • A low quality product is never preferred by a customer who is not only considering monetary value.
  • Reliability is one of the positive points of suppliers.
  • Companies try to choose suppliers which are reliable.
  • Timely delivery is important as in case of late delivery production cycle may stop.
  • Time matters especially when working on a specific project.
  • Project schedules are designed without time hindrance problems therefore timely delivery is very important.

Format of Supplier List Template

Every business wish to reduce its expense to maximize profit and buying raw material is one of the major expense bear by company. Companies consider it important that suppliers which are providing raw material with less unit price or offering discount over certain number of units are preferred by companies.

A basic template for this is prepared in Microsoft excels. It consists of supplier names as well as their contact information. Address as well as fax number is also included. When a person responsible for choosing supplier took a decision taking in regard all the factors then he can easily contact the chosen supplier. Date when the list is prepared is also mentioned on the sheet.


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