These days when several competitors are competing your product or service provision, distinguishing your route from the others is very important. In any sort of business where you sell products, limited

warrant is the most significant portion of aftermarket services. Simple Warranty templates are therefore designed and deployed to measure the effectiveness and warranty period and claim cancellation after a specific interval.

Significant Factors for Limited Warranty Template:

No every customer can be sustained on this panel as companies have their fixed margins. Using limited warranty templates, a cost expert or after market services planner can quickly find out a feasible services plan and gain the loyalties of customers. Using these templates, retail store managers and services centers can easily issue warranty documents to their customers especially at such stores where excessive number of buyers hits every day and it is difficult to write off this slip for each individual customer.

What majorly includes in limited warranty templates is the type of product, its exact article number and conditions for warranty acceptance. Only natural or unintentional damages are entertained for warranty claim. No any company accepts this claim for personal damage. Therefore every company specifically mentions the standards and parameters for this facility. Sometimes faulty articles are also added to the lots, so there is nothing odd about it.

Some of the important factors you need to keep in mind while creating these templates are listed below;

1- Space for Customer’s Identity

2- Space for Product identity and article data

3- Illustrated conditions for claim acceptance

4- Applied conditions included in the package

5- Space for signature to authenticate the claim

Efficient way of writing of professional and authentic document to provide a written proof to your customer for claiming warranty is the use of Word templates for this purpose.

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