For all kinds of retailing businesses and whole selling business, bill of material template is the most important formal document required for the buying party. There are exclusively designed Excel bill templates especially created for this purpose. These templates are based on a permanent format required in professional business documentation, containing all major and minor aspects of record keeping. Not only assistive in documentation, but these templates also help in settling organized record of extensive material processing, procurement and sales activities which is difficult to maintain manually in ordinary handheld documentation.

Format of Bill of Material Template Made In Excel

Devising permanent and smart solutions to derive more efficiency in businesses and professional operations, MS Office suit has always promised the lighted mode of working. Similarly bill of material templates are one such fine example of these smart solutions which has tempered the chanced of record missing, mismanagement and any sort of confusion laying midway. Now the person handling all the billing process can easily retain his loaded task by automating this process using these templates. These templates let you generate instant and precise bills.

Sample Product LIst Or Material Bill Format

There is no particular format for these Excel bill templates infect a company or business can have its own parameters to record the transaction and make a clear record for purposeful information keeping. Regardless of particular data entered into these templates, there are some generic elements which must be considered to constitute the right and standard layout of bill.

BOM Example 1:

Sample Product List Or Material Bill Format Example 2

These factors include particular information of bill, specifications of material, date, day, terms and conditions of business, applied taxes and freight cost. A short hand guideline to the general and simplest format for this template is given below here;

  • Write the name of the company issuing the bill on the main title position
  • Write the date and day of bill issuance
  • Write the person or company to whom this bill is directed
  • Created the section of details including material goods, their codes and quantity
  • Write the individual prices per unit and apply the function of addition on the column of prices for automatic billing total
  • Add a section of applied taxes if any
  • Also add the section of freight cost if any
  • Lastly add a text box to point down all the applied terms and conditions regarding goods return or any other aspect
  • Last add the section of signature to ensure that the bill or invoice is genuine and authentic

Generate this bill whenever needed, save the draft, make required changes upon new bill generation and get your extensive work in minor time.

BOM Example 2:

Sample Product LIst Or Material Bill FOrmat Example 3

Uses of Bill of Material

There are multiple uses of bill of material. It is not only required for issuing a formal proof of material purchase to buying end, but also important for internal record keeping and inventory and cash management of business. In case of any complication after the sale of material, this is the only document that can support the buyer in argument. Here are some listed uses of this bill;

  • Formal document stating the terms and conditions of material purchase
  • A record of cost provision and financial transaction
  • Single page note stating all the particular of purchased material or goods
  • Legally preventive for both seller and buyer
  • Formal record for buyer if required to return or exchange something

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