Illustration of errors, mistaken entries and justification of varying amounts at both business end and bank record is called bank reconciliation statement template. There are exclusively designed Excel reconciliation statement templates that help you figuring out various possible reasons of mismatched figures in both ends of same record and let you document all these findings to send it to the client.

This is a very crucial process as one small mistaken entry can lead to huge confusion and confrontation and can cause the variance of bulk amount by the end of financial year.


Leaning further to the surface content of this formal document issued from bank side, we can see the detailed description of referred accounts and transactions which are asked from the clients. Considering it a very important step, bank reconciliation statement templates are very helpful for this extensive working.

The person sitting on the post for comparisons can handle hundreds of accounts at the same time by using these templates and moreover it is much easier to draw a functioning layout in which entire past annual record of client is listed.

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