Have you ever noticed why keeping receipts are emphasized in home as well as in businesses? School and institutes generate income in the form of school fees paid by students or by their parents. Its receipt format is prepared in Microsoft excel by most universities due to its flexible nature.

Receipts are generated when any transaction is made ranging from buying a drink as well as buying any electrical appliance. It is helpful in case of claiming warranties as it shows the date of buying. Receipts are therefore asked to keep secure and must be kept in a place where there is no risk of losing them.

Benefits of School Fee Receipts

  • Receipts act as a document showing details about transaction.
  • In business it shows the expenses as well as profits.
  • Receipts are prepared and stored in business by specific personnel. In case of in charge of store he needs to keep receipts regarding inventory.
  • School fee are charged by institutions to students for providing their services.
  • General school receipts show the amount charged to students. It is however a fixed amount but in case of late payment certain penalty may be added.
  • It helps in ensuring institutions that they can carry out their expenses on time.

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Student Fees Invoice

Format of School Receipt for Fees:

School fee receipts are not only prepared in schools in fact they are also prepared in universities. Students in universities are required to pay fee per semester which consists of 6 months period. A basic fee receipt shows the mode of payment as well as amount of payment.

It also consists of details regarding student as well as regarding fee structure. It is document which shows evidence of fee paid. Students who are studying on self finance basis can outline their future expenses as well and arranging them before time to prevent any hindrance occurring in the future.


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