Gold jewelry buying and selling procedure require receipt template which show the rate of gold per ounce. These receipts are available in printable form as templates are in PDF format loved for the purpose of giving to customers. Excel payment voucher PDF format is used both in gold shops and grocery stores to show the required products asked by the customers and their rate according to the weight or units. Printable gold shop receipt template PDF can serve as record for both customers and shop owners as whenever jewelry items are bought are shown on the receipts provided to customers at the time of sale.

Consider what is the actual amount paid by customer is based on; it is on the design of jewelry as well. You must have observe the difference when you are making shopping for the jewelry at the branded store that rate of same jewelry item differs as compared to same item on the simple gold jewelry store. This is taken as designer rate, therefore when customer is making payment, he need all this information.

Gold shop receipt template format and features

You will find gold receipt in different format on this webpage which are ready to use and which can be downloaded in single click. Depending on your shop you can use them anywhere:

  • Free blank sheet for gold shops: well some shops are dealing in pure gold jewelry items like earrings, bracelets and lockets while others are dealing in silver and diamond as well therefore blank receipts are available which help you making addition in the receipt according to your business.
  • Charges according to the jewelry: your clients require receipts showing weight of the jewelry and the charges as gold rate keep changing on daily basis according to the political up down situation in the region or due to inflation, therefore your sheets must be updated.
  • Reliable and trustworthy way of charging: if your clients are new or existing, all of them require trust on your shop. If you are providing them written record for their buying items, they consider it useful piece. If you are selling out your jewelry, purchase receipts are required for it.
  • Gold shop receipt: if a person is interested in making anniversary or birthday gift to his wife, gold items are consider one of the most precious gifts, however to exchange any of these pieces, receipts are required.

Importance of printable gold shop receipt template

What if your gold shop is facing difficulty in maintaining records for the customers and the gold items which are sold? You can take help from the receipts. These receipts also serve marketing purpose for your gold shop as customers show the receipt to other people asking for the payment record.

Tricks for printable gold shop receipt template

  • Use different measuring units for different items.
  • Any additional charges must be mentioned individually.

Any discounts provided to customers and ongoing promotions can be mentioned on receipt templates as well.

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