During operational project management and processing sessions, critical path method is used for reviewing and evaluation of substantial methodologies and strategies being applied and followed. Using customized CPM spreadsheet, it eventually becomes easier for the managers and supervisors to assess and craft out the real worth of project work. This diagram is a specialized diagram to relate various segments of project and performance of different departments in a synchronized manner so that some productive results could be generated from gained data.

This technique is mostly used in large scale projects in which multiple component segments are involved in the total project completion. Using this statistical tool, PERT Diagram templates are especially created to provide a consistent platform of working and evaluation so that there remain no need to objectify the entire document from scratch.

These templates are customized according to the requirements of companies and their projects and let their managers easily and comprehensively attest the net gain of outcome from deployed sources and strategies. There is no competitive match to the ease and access obtained by these templates than ordinary working methods.


There are standard elements that you need to add into PERT Diagram before its construction to your compatible mode of working. Based on the defined principles and rules by the developers of this tools, companies tend to assess the time and effort required to complete component tasks included in the project. Initially it was developed by US Navy for their mission control program but later on seeing it’s productivity, this module was modified for general project management. Here are some of the salient features that you need to keep in mind while constructing this diagram;

  • Define a name for relevant activity
  • Count operational working time for specified duration
  • Feature all the dependent factors and independent factors
  • Draw a network diagram
  • Correlate your information with subsequent outputs and influencing factors
  • Add the data of task to evaluated
  • Input all the information by order of outcome
  • Outline all the conclusions in sequence

These are few salient features which can cover any operational lag in your assessment and evaluation and let you generate more optimized and controlled results.

Excel PERT Templates

Rather than working by hand on manual notes, there are easy IT solutions which help you countering your work in a convenient and more productive way. Therefore CPM template are one of their kind assisting tools which help project managers in sketching the module in front of them. These templates are featured with all kinds of evaluative functions and formatting options handy to use.

Once compiled with required format and layout, there is no need to recreate the entire document from scratch all the time. Either you can edit, modify and replace any new component when needed. Also you can insert more supportive illustrations and use fragile features to highlight your results and create a catchy form of workout that you have done.

Get Best CPM Templates

There are various free sample templates available online which you can save and reshape according to your requirements. Also you can get best CPM Excel templates from expert templates designers available out there.


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