“Paystub template excel” used by the Human Resource Managers. For the payroll management of the employees. Paystub is the payroll slip pay Cheques or a document evidencing the payroll payment management. This template is specifically for Canada. Thus human Resource managers give this to the employee in order to if they hired their services or maybe they are working in the organization as an employee. So, MNC’s manage their payrolls very effectively.

This is the key to success to manage the cash and salary cheque payments of the employee or contractors. In order to, become a successful company one of the key and core tasks of the Human Resource Department is to manage the payroll system payments effectively and efficiently. Therefore these slips are by the employers to the employees on monthly basis. This is the form of bonus payments.

It typically includes the taxes and other deductions of the total salary, then the gross salary and the salary after deduction the employee receives. Payroll management is a tricky and most time taking task to do and the Human Resource manager has not had that much time to manually write the check and give it to the employees. Therefore, that’s the time where these Pay stub templates excel are here for the help of the managers to manage the payroll of employees efficiently.

There are also different kinds of pay that are following:

  1. Digital paychecks
  2. Cards of pay
  3. Warrants of paychecks

Sample Canadian Paycheck Stub:

In these kinds, they are most convenient and easily generate paychecks as compared to all manual fillings of the checks to be given to employees. And also, the calculation of the taxes and other deductions plus the overtime, etc these calculations can be tricky and time taking for every employee. Because an organization may have 500 plus employees for the work so the calculation may be a very time taking task. Therefore, this Pay stub template excel provides you the solution for all these manual calculations.

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Benefits of Using Pay Stub Template Excel:

  1. Paystub can use as proof against a Job
  2. Efficient to use
  3. An effective way to organize payroll information
  4. No manual calculations
  5. Customizable
  6. Easy to use
  7. Printable also
  8. Contains all information

Guide To Use Paycheck Stub Template:

As you can see the following information must enter by the Human Resource manager in this template:

Company name: First of all you must mention the company name who is maintaining this and whom employee to this pay stub must mention as we mentioned earlier that this can use as proof.

Address: The address of that organization must mention.

Employee name; The name of that employee whose pay stub is prepared must mention.

Designation: the position of that employee in the organization must be mentioned in the template. That either he or she is an employee or a sub-contractor hired temporarily.

Month & year: mention the month and year of the payroll being given.

Earnings: earnings section includes all the income amounts received by the employee.

Deductions: the deduction and taxed must be mentioned as per organization to organization it varies.

Check number: the check number must mention


Name of bank:

Director: signature of directors on the template.


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