To maintain proper balance and efficiency in interviewing and recruitments process a sheet known as MIS report is required in the companies and firms.

MIS jobs in Bangalore for experienced are searched excessively as they are required both by fresher’s and experienced to get good scope in their career. MIS report for interviewing is required like as it is required for other processes in the company and to maintain proper flow between persons who came for interview.

Your company might face dismissal or resign from specific employee, and you are required to select another person for the purpose. This is especially true if person is required at management position as it require deep analysis and discussion between interview panels. Usually a page is kept for this purpose and nowadays excel sheets are used.

Mis Report Template Format

MIS report for interviewing and recruitments format and features

To fill the report easily and instantly, you must be required to prepare it in the format which is understandable for everyone:

  • Candidate list: a list must be added in the report with the candidates list applied for the job and then short listing process of the list is possible easily.
  • Education: before calling the persons for interview, you must check out education background of the candidates and those who are suitable for the job must be called only.
  • Interview process. A sheet is provided to persons in the interview panel with selected fields and marks can be given for each candidate by them separately.

Example 1 : Mis Report Template

MIS report In Excel:

Choosing the right candidate for the designation is easy through MIS report and keeping records and track of applied candidates is also efficient. Once marks are given top candidates can be discussed between interview panel and therefore recruitment is easy and effective.

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