As a responsible move, Microsoft has already filed a patent smart wearable personal information system back in 2012. This wearable device by Microsoft initially named the Surface watch is soon to be released and the company is all set for the competitive feature establishment in the device.

Since Google has already been into the market by LG G watch which is based on Android system ware and a potential competitor Apple with iWatch, there is going to be another tech race in motion.

Microsoft Smartwatch is a tech sphere focus on health and fitness and mainly targets Samsung Gear Fit as a principal competitor. This smartwatch features an optical sensor and a data connector as prime junctions. With a total of 11 sensors in a compact box what mainly this device will do for the wearer is stated below;

  • With its IBT sensors, it will be able to measure the heartbeat rate of the person
  • It will also tell the glucose-blood mixture ratio
  • Along with it has a UV sensor
  • It can be easily removed from the straps to put on charging stations and docs other than defaults fitting
  • Smartwatch will be featured with Siri rival Cortana and Bing search option by default
  • Watch can also monitor movement and exercise tracking with the use of smart connecting sensors and GPS
  • As a prime note, this watch will not only be compatible with Microsoft Windows Phones only but also with android and iPhones too
  • This is not like an ordinary designer’s wear infect you can get multiple things like music player, alarm clock, text messaging and Phone facility.

Initially determined price of this watch is nearly around 160 pounds. The company is all set for the successful and competitive launch of its new and trending product line in the near future.

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