As new and intuitive future log, Microsoft inc. and SalesForce has just announced the significant development and paving through the successful way of future progress right after a few months when they announced a strategic partnership channel.

At Dream Force 2014 when this joint solution venture was announced, the entire world was looking forward to the outrageous outcomes from these innovative collaborations from both ends.

At a press conference ‘’ we just want every innovation corporation of the world to grow bigger and empowered’’ said Satya Nadella CEO of Microsoft.

So apparently the purpose seams to cater more mobile device customers and clients with the maverick optimization with cloud computing through the technology innovations of SalesForce.

Although SalesForce is more reagent in customer relationship management this joint venture will help to flourish more common platforms of development from both ends.

In another talk with media, Marc Benioff the CEO of SalesForce showed the great interest in developing more innovative solutions for the heart and soul constituting customers. SalesForce for Office and SalesForce for window is such an executive built up the strategy to provide ease of customization and virtually obtaining files and content from anywhere in the world.

Both companies are happily moving ahead to mutual customer beneficiary. SalesForce 1 integration is solely optimized for opening, reshaping, and saving documents from iOS devices and android devices with Office, SharePoint, and One Drive.

Similar tech advancement is coming through MS Windows 8.1 mobile devices where SalesForce customers will get a chance to boost their businesses by accessing all their SalesForce information through mobile phones. As an end note, something more exclusive is going to happen soon.

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