For the last year, the news was roaming hard about the latest version of Office client from Microsoft.

Despite the fact that some groundbreaking news coming about this latest Office suite, company officials were zipped mouth about telling the expertise and exuberant additions added in this note. But the question is how long?

Lastly, the highlighted and typical foundations of this latest and versatile dominant documentation and procedural suit are out.

Some of the prominent features and tools which are bringing an entire shift to new working dimensions are stated here that come all along with the news stories.

It has been confirmed that developers are working with the technical preview and testers of latest version Office’16 these days and enchanting with rap mount features which are going to deliver a handful of accomplished features. Here are some of the smashing hit additives in Office 16;

Tell Me

This tells me features that is most likely going to be a part of the new office suite is already a feature of Office Online and Office for iPad. Now, this brilliant feature is going to be part of the desktop and windows versions.

This feature is used to explain the task and inquire the entire process about how to do any task on Office without exploring various sources


This auto-rotation feature is itself a counting mark toward the automatic adjustment of images, attachments and helps users to correct position.

Catchy Black Theme

Now apart from usual blue, white and light themes which have been offered in the previous version of Office suits, now Microsoft is introducing a sniggled black theme.

 Appreciated Tools for Business

Apart from these usual minor and major changes, the bigger development comes for business users who depend on Microsoft Office for their entire office documentation and processing. Business models which are commonly known as the Excel Data Model are also enhanced with their assertive evaluations.

Now business users can zoom and control the panning of art charts and bar charts for file making. In one single view, users can now retrieve files from the previous working using timeline and data range.

Now users can also add recently created and used files from their One drive, saving much time to work on with the previous sheets.

From this new office suite, users of Visio will now be having Visio information privacy management, which will help patent developers and researchers to hide and manage the privacy of their data using Visio.

This was the maximum of leaked news from Microsoft officials which have earlier released to clam the blogger’s and user’s curiosity.  Soon this version will hands-on with the users in the market.

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