Usually there are no standard notations regarding the composition and format of dashboard spreadsheets. Based upon the complications and complexities of project work, every project manager can have a personalized interface which has relevant segments of project work.

Usually there are some typical factors of consideration during project management like employee’s performance evaluation, resource planning and utilization, funds allocation and financial analysis to monitor the financial outcome benefits of the business.

Below here are some of the generalized element entries which must be added while creating an efficient dashboard spreadsheet;

  • During initial paper work, mark the list of segments which you need to monitor daily or often
  • After categorizing various activities and tasks of project, define the criteria of their assessment
  • Find exclusive techniques and features of spreadsheets to automatically evaluate the results on the basis of provided data
  • Draw individual segments and name them for their specific utility
  • Categorically arrange all these segments in accordance with the order of work
  • Use Excel functions for calculations precise evaluations

Besides if the project is for construction module or if it involves procurement of objects and inventories, further relevant sections are also added to the dashboard as per the utility of working structure.


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