In all kinds of retailing, whole selling, trading and manufacturing, businesses, inventory control is the most required and important part of operations for smooth supply chain development and product line efficiency. There are deliberately designed inventory spreadsheet templates for precise and accurate inventory management. These templates cover multiple aspects of working including right record keeping, standard documentation and details of inventory in a standard format. These templates let you quickly find out the position of certain products in your stock with single click.


In old days, people use of manage their stock record by hand but according to today’s progressive business culture and operations management, there is no chance of risks and errors in data management which result in solid hulk hit to your management and sales or supplies. From competitive point of view, there is a very sharp difference between inventory mismanagement and weak operations handling as both are similarly effecting and downwards influential to the quality of your total work management. Using templates, you can avoid this side by growing aspect of risk and damage.

Format of Inventory Control Spreadsheet Template:

According to the mode of inventory intake and outgoing, there are different ways to create and inventory control spreadsheets. Particular elements of composition for this document also vary however there are some general factors steps that you need to keep in mind regarding the format of these spreadsheets. Here we have listed a couple of such factors;

  • Write the name of company or business for which this inventory sheet is driven
  • Write the name of particular product if individual product inventory management system is followed
  • In case of collective inventory, specify on the top heading
  • List down all the goods involved in the inventory dashboard
  • Draw a parallel column on the Excel sheet for date of intake and write the date of in house inventory in front of each item
  • Also draw the column of exit from warehouse or stock house and write individual dates
  • Under this table, you can add a section of total remaining quantity by applying the formula of subtraction on the cell of each item’s quantity
  • You can also add the column of consumption rate for automated calculation of updated quantity after each withdrawal


These are some useful aspects regarding the format which can help you creating a really effective note for working.

Useful Inventory Spreadsheet Templates:

Material Stock Inventory

Inventory Spreadsheet Template Point Of Sale Inventory
Stock Inventory Allocation Excel Inventory Tracking Food Stocktake Spreadsheet

Use of Inventory Templates

In large companies and industries where there are hundreds of products lined up on the inventory item list managing the updated statues of each item is not easy for inventory stock keepers, these Excel inventory templates are much helpful. These templates let them manage extensive statistical data into simpler and fixed format. Here are some of the salient benefits of these templates;

  • Shorthand data management
  • Sorting out desired entries by single click search function
  • Automatically maintain the resultant quantities
  • Records and maintain precise quantities, exclude exact figures and manage bulk data
  • No limit of recording inventories

Stock Inventory Template: Link

Get Best Inventory Control Spreadsheet

There are hundreds of free sample templates available online which you can use for your customize inventory system updates. You can also get best inventory control spreadsheets as per your requirements from expert template designers.


  1. Lionel

    I would appreciate your templates Excel ITIL , specifically ” Excel Inventory Tracking ” .
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  2. Gary L

    do you have a template for basic inventory counts with use of a barcode scanner? Something simple just scan and enter units.

    1. John Mathew

      Hi Gary L thanks for visiting us, the thing you want “barcode scanner” can be designed for you specially but right now I am sending you spreadsheet by which you can manually manage your inventory.


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